What May stop you from being a yoga teacher!

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What May stop you from being a yoga teacher!!

By Paula Mitten owner of Durga yoga studio and senior teacher on Durga yoga teacher training programs

Do you want to become a yoga teacher? 

Would you love to turn your passion for yoga into a business? If you’ve been practicing for a while, you know how good Yoga makes you feel and perhaps you’ve dreamed of sharing this with others, but there may be a few things getting in your way. 

Most Yoga teachers were passionate students and it’s because of this that they can share so freely and help their students to thrive. 

So many of our past students took our program to have a deeper knowledge but many of them have gone on to leave their day job and become qualified practitioners with thriving businesses. 

What is it that worries you when you consider training to be a yoga teacher?

  1. Sometimes it’s the idea of getting up and speaking in front of other people. You know you don’t like public speaking or presentations at work and fear that teaching yoga might be the same. The truth is that everyone feels a little nervous the first few times they stand up in front of a group to teach but the good news is that it gets easier every time you do it and it’s so much easier to speak about something you have a passion for. We will teach you exactly what you need to know to stand in front of a class with confidence. We teach you what to say and how to say it. Not only that but you will learn how to create perfectly timed and sequenced classes to ensure that you feel at ease in front of your class. 
  2.  Many students worry that their own practice isn’t good enough to teach others. You haven’t mastered a handstand or a headstand yet, you are nothing like the Instagram yoga stars that you follow, and you have no idea how you would get through a 2-hour yoga session every morning. Becoming a yoga teacher is not about who can do the fanciest pose or who is most pretzel like. It’s about learning to impart your knowledge and love of yoga to others. It’s about learning how to plan and sequence classes and understand how the body works anatomically. It’s about learning basic alignments and assisting in the poses you already know and love. Your personal practice will grow so much throughout our time together that by the end of the training you might be able to skilfully turn yourself upside down (if that’s something you want to achieve), but let me tell you a secret, your students won’t expect you to teach the fancy stuff, in fact, they might be relieved if you don’t.
  3. Maybe your biggest fear is exams. You have flash backs to your leaving cert and your palms are already starting to sweat at the thought of your mind going blank. You imagine being quizzed on everything from preforming a chaturanga to the correct cuing when teaching a 60-minute class and you already want to run for the hills. There’s no need to worry, you can relax and let go of exam fear. Yes, we need to know you understand what we are teaching you, but it is so far removed from your school days that you might not even realise there is an exam. We are continually assessing every student along the way, working step by step with you to ensure you are on top of the course work and ensuring you get everything you need from the training. We don’t base your success on 1 exam but on the progression you make along the way. We want to see that you can take on board any feedback given and learn from it.

          Whatever your fear is, I guarantee you, it will never be like you envisage. Your training will be such a phenomenal experience that you will find yourself fondly, telling stories about it years                down the line. It will be challenging, you will learn more than you can possibly imagine, and it will be one of the most life transformational journeys you will ever go on.   


         Read about one of our past students, Marie Purcell Flynn, from day job to training in 2014 and her journey since then.

Marie Purcell Flynn

“I have been practicing yoga and attending yoga classes since 1999.  In 2008, I discovered Vinyasa Flow yoga with Paula Mitten, which took my enjoyment and love of yoga to a new level. I thoroughly enjoy this dynamic, energetic style of yoga which has its origins in the more traditional Ashtanga yoga. Over a number of years prior to 2014 I participated in many yoga workshops and yoga retreats, each experience encouraged and deepened my own yoga practice. I Previously worked in both the private and public sectors. These were largely desk based positions where international travel was frequent. Although, very interesting and challenging areas to work, long hours travelling and sitting at a desk meant the outlet of yoga became increasingly more important to maintain health in both mind and body. When Paula Mitten as part of Frog Lotus Yoga International was running RYS 200 teacher training at Durga studio in Maynooth in 2014, I decided it was time for me to take the plunge into yoga teacher training. The course was challenging and inspiring and all due to the dedication of Paula Mitten who is a wonderful instructor, mentor and Yogi.

Since then I have enjoyed every moment of my teaching experiences and I learn something new from every class I teach. My self-practice and meditation has become an essential part of my daily life. The move to a career in yoga has facilitated a better work/life balance especially around family life.  I started teaching in 2014 and by 2015 I was invited to become co-owner of Breathe Yoga and Pilates studio in Trim, Co. Meath where I teach vinyasa flow yoga on Wednesday evenings and Thursday Mornings. I teach pregnancy yoga on Thursday evenings and every few weeks run a restorative yoga workshop (rest-shop!).”

So what are you waiting for?

Why not call me for a free consultation on 086 3642489. I will answer all of you questions and help you find out if our yoga teacher training is the right one for you. 

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