200hr Yoga Teacher Training

The most successful way to become a confident yoga teacher.

Our 200hr training is for yoga students who dream of becoming successful yoga teachers as well as for those who simply want to deepen their understanding of the yoga practice.

When you bring your heartfelt passion and commitment to Durga Yoga Teacher Training you will emerge fully confident, fully prepared and fully aligned to build your career and offer your students the deepest, richest yoga experience possible.

When: January 28th – July 2nd 2023

Promotion Code: BLACKFRIDAY40 (no code required for payment plan)

Group Yoga Business Mentoring

Accelerate your results through group mentoring with Paula Mitten. Paula has trained with some of the top business coaches from around the world and put it into action to build a six figure yoga business.

Now you can learn directly from her to take the guesswork out of building and growing your yoga classes into a sustainable business.

This is a 3 month coaching program where you will do a 360 assessment of your current yoga business, create a 12 month business plan, work on goal setting, have weekly group video calls, support and accountability to see real results in 90 days. 

When: January – March 2023


50 hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Learn the art of yin yoga from world class teachers.

Discover the abundance of structural possibilities in the human body. Through gentle movement and the stillness of yin yoga postures, we can shift, change and find freedom in our physical and energetic body.

When: January 7th – April 2nd 2023


300hr Yoga Teacher Training

Unlock the next phase of your yoga journey and find inspiration in your yoga teaching. Nourish your practice and elevate your teaching with Durga's 300hr Yoga Teacher Training.

Your yoga practice is sacred. This is your invitation to revisit and refine it. Expect self-study, exploration, and support—that you can share with your students (and the world).

When: January 13th – December 10th 2023

Promotion code: BLACKFRIDAY40 (no code required for payment plan)

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