Five ways to increase your flexibility quickly

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Do you wish you had more flexibility? Perhaps you are already working on flexibility but want to see faster progression. What if you want to work on your flexibility at home but don’t know what to do?

5 ways to increase your flexibility

Here are my tips on increasing your flexibility quickly

1. Pick the muscles that you feel are tightest. Narrow it down to one or two muscles or muscle groups, for example the hamstrings (back of thighs) and the quads (front of thighs).

2. Consistency is key. Work on two poses that will target those areas every day for a few weeks.

3. Spend 3-5 minutes on each of your two chosen poses. Longer holds will help to speed up the results.

4. Acknowledge the effort that you are making and use markers to track your progress.

5. Change your mindset. Stop telling yourself you are not flexible. Whether you believe you can or you believe you can’t you’re right, so start telling yourself a different story. “I am building my flexibility”, “I have flexible fingers”…if that’s the only place you feel flexible…, use whatever story you like, as long as it’s positive and helpful in achieving your final goal.


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Working consistency with set muscle groups increases flexibility

Don’t give up, you are capable of increasing your flexibility and you can do it quicker than you think if you put your mind to it.
Yes, some people are naturally more flexible than others, but with these five steps, you can build your flexibility in just two to three weeks.

After you have progressed in your chosen area, you can move on to two new muscle groups and continue working your way around the body.

If you need some extra guidance, why not book a private class with a knowledgeable yoga teacher who can help you to create a home practice.

Durga Yoga and Antenatal offers private one-to-one sessions. To enquire, call Paula on 0863642489.

By Paula Mitten, Durga Yoga, Maynooth