Create a home yoga practice in 6 easy steps

Are you interested in establishing a home yoga practice?

When you joined your first yoga class you probably never imagined that you would want to roll out your mat for a home yoga practice, but for most students there comes a time when you want to take things to the next level and that means practicing yoga at home on your own. Easier said than done right?

You might have your sights set on mastering a new pose or you may just have the strong desire to get on the mat daily. Whatever the reason, it can be challenging to know where to start.


Developing a home yoga practice in a blog by Durga Yoga, Maynooth

Developing a home yoga practice is of great benefit and allows you to work on poses of choice.


Here are my 6 easy ways to create a home yoga practice:

1. Start small – Setting smaller goals to begin with will eventually make bigger goals seem more achievable. Working with smaller amounts of time, for example 10 minutes, is more realistic as everyone can free up 10 minutes in their day. When you have it as your goal daily over a period of time, it will build confidence and your practice will organically grow.

2. Put on your favourite music – It's always easier to stay on your mat and find your flow with a great play list in the background. It will set the tone of your home yoga practice that day and help you to relax you as you move.

3. Warm up the joints – It's important to move the joints in all directions helping to lubricate and prepare them for what you are about to do next. Movement of the joints is also a great way to release energy in the body and will leave you feeling completely refreshed for the day ahead.

4. Include a sun salutation – If you're not sure what to do after your warm up, a few rounds of your favourite sun salutation is always a good option. They will help you build strength as well as flexibility and will incorporate a pranayama (breathing) exercise as you move with the breath.

5. If there's one pose that you would love to master then slot it in at the end of the sun salutations. You will be well warmed up at that stage to work on your chosen pose and if you do it every day for a few weeks you are guaranteed to see progression.

6. Always end your home yoga practice with Savasana. Leave at least 1-2 minutes to lie down, switch off and surrender!

Have fun with your home yoga practice

Don't be afraid to have fun with your home yoga practice. Do what feels good in your body and if something doesn't feel right, stop and check in with your teacher the next time you're in class.