How to Make Time for Self Care in a Busy Life

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June 1, 2023
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Self Care

By Owner of Durga Yoga Online Paula Mitten

Our modern lifestyles demand a lot from us, especially those of us who are managing multiple roles simultaneously. The stress levels can go off the charts when trying to balance the demands of work, parenting, and the house. The constant pressure to perform well often leads to feelings of overwhelm and burnout. This can negatively impact both physical and mental health, making everything even more challenging.

Finding Time is a Challenge

One of the major challenges faced is finding time for self-care. While self-care is crucial for maintaining a healthy work-life balance, it often takes a backseat when faced with a mountain of responsibilities. This creates a catch-22 situation where the very activities that can help reduce stress seem impossible to fit into an already packed schedule. However, it is essential to recognize that neglecting self-care can lead to decreased productivity, increased stress levels, and ultimately, leave you experiencing even more burnout.

One solution to combat stress and find balance is to incorporate short daily rituals into your life. There are many simple options such as taking a bath, going for a quiet walk or a short yoga session. Yoga has been proven to be a powerful tool in reducing stress, promoting relaxation, and improving overall well-being. Even a brief yoga session can provide immense benefits, both physically and mentally. It can help release tension in the body and mind, improve focus, and create a sense of calm and clarity amidst the chaos.

The Key to Self-Care

Now, the question arises: How can I find the time for a daily yoga practice when juggling multiple responsibilities? The key lies in scheduling short blocks of time. While an hour may seem challenging, carving out just 15-20 minutes a day for yourself is feasible. It may require waking up a bit earlier, utilizing breaks effectively, or carving out some quiet time before bed. By consciously making self-care a priority and recognizing its importance, you can create space in your mind and feel less stressed in your body.

This is one of the reasons why I created Durga Yoga Online where I offers live 20-30 minute online yoga classes that are designed to accommodate busy schedules. Most people tell me that 20 minutes is all they can give and that they need those 20 minutes to really count. My classes not only give you a physical workout but also helps clear the mind and release stress and anxiety from everyday life.

Scheduling Self Care into Your Day

Whether you take a few minutes each day for yoga, or you go out into nature or you simply take an extended shower with essential oils and some relaxing music choose something that makes you feel good and schedule it into your day as a non negotiable. You'll be glad you did it and it won't be long until you are reaping the benefits.

About Paula

Paula is a busy mum of 2, she runs a very successful yoga school and knows what it takes to juggle all of the responsibilities. Paula has worked hard to build self care into her daily life and she is on a mission to support other busy mums in taking care of themselves. To find out more about Paula's online classes go to her WEBSITE or pop over to Paula's Youtube Channel to try some of her short self care practices.