Teaching Vinyasa Flow - The Methodology

20hr Yoga Alliance Accredited CPD Training  

July 2nd-3rd | Cost €199 | 8am-5pm

Teaching Vinyasa Yoga
Online Teacher Training

In this 20hr training you will learn the exact methods to teaching in the style of Vinyasa Flow. Dive into what distinguishes a vinyasa flow class, the do's and don'ts of vinyasa sequencing and the common mistakes teachers make when creating vinyasa class plans
You will learn how to create intelligent, creative and fun sequences that your students will love!
Explore themes and ideas for your class plans, work together with like minded people and become a part of Paula's supportive community of yoga teachers  

Training Content

Daily Vinyasa Practice
Sequencing Overview
An introduction to Vinyasa Sequencing
Vinyasa and the Breath
Vinyasa Transitions
Closed hip & Open hip poses
Music and Voice 
Standing Flow Basics
Flow Creation
Creating exceptional class plans
Creative, Intelligent sequencing (group work)
Q&A Sessions

About Paula Mitten

The training will be led by Paula Mitten, an internationally recognized yoga teacher and yoga teacher training facilitator. She’s the owner of Durga Yoga Ireland with an expertise in Vinyasa Flow Yoga. Paula has been teaching yoga for 16 years and facilitating teacher training since 2011.
She is passion in supporting yoga teachers from all over the world to establish and grow their own yoga businesses through advanced Teacher Trainings and a strong online community
Paula's first experience with yoga was while working as a costume designer in film and television. She found breathing and relaxation techniques as a way to de-stress, and soon after fell in love with the physical practice of yoga too.
Paula’s yoga journey is never finished; she is a dedicated lifetime student as well as a teacher.
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