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Real Yoga Talks is a unique Masterclass Series that is different . . . .

It is more intimate . . . 
We are discussing the changes we are seeing in the yoga world since the start of the pandemic, what we’ve learned, what we miss and what we see as possible for the future.

This is unscripted real talk!The conversations that you don't usually get to hear!!!There are no filters, no editing, we are literally having the conversation LIVE in Paula’s Facebook group “Live A Yogic Life”AND Paula will send you the recording to rewatch anytime!

We will cover:

When Everything Stopped

How Teaching Style Changed

What's Next?

Paula created Yoga Teachers Masterclass back in 2018 to support yoga teachers and it has grown massively since then into a series of powerful conversations with over 60 yoga teachers from all over the world to support both yoga teachers and students alike.
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