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Real Yoga Talks – The Self Care Project 

This online series will support you in finding ways that they can take care of yourself and to feel empowered to make yourself a number one priority so that you no longer have to give from an empty cup but instead from the overflow in the saucer

Combined, this series of interviews has been created to feel like a mini training.It will give you a toolbox of self care methods and techniques so that you can find what is right for you and transform how you feel mentally and physically

We will cover:


Women's Health


Wim Hof Method

Feng Shui

Energy Work

Gut & Bowel Health

EFT Tapping

As a yoga teacher trainer and having worked in the wellness industry for over 18 years the #1 thing that Paula sees is how women in particular put themselves bottom of the list and take care of everyone else before themselves. So much so that they often sacrifice their own mental and physical health as a result.
Paula is now on a mission to support women in changing that pattern 
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