Yoga classes – are they worth it?

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April 30, 2018
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Yoga classes – are they worth it?

By Paula Mitten owner of Durga Yoga Ireland

So, you're thinking of taking up yoga! You've heard it's supposed to be good for you but you're not sure if you really need to go to a class or if you could just get a yoga mat and do a bit from home.
I'm here to break it down and help you decide where to start.

  1. Learning the basics

When you go to a yoga class you will find a teacher who will guide you through the basics. They will be able to see what you need from the practice to support your body and mind. A good yoga teacher will know exactly what what to do to guide you individually so that you get the most from your time in class.

2. Hands on assists and adjustments

An experienced yoga teacher will take you deeper in your physical practice through hands on assists. With a good physical assist you can understand the actions and alignments of the poses more clearly. This ensures that your alignment is correct whilst at the same time challenging you to go a little deeper.

3. Injury prevention

When you attend a class you are much less likely to injure yourself because your teacher is always watching for misalignment that could be injurious. They will encourage you to go deeper in your practice without going past your edge. As a yoga teacher observes there students, they are always checking for safe alignment of knees, spine and neck. They can see if you are relying on flexibility without engaging the strength of the muscle or vice versa and will encourage you to build a well rounded practice to support a healthy body.

4. Become a part of a community

A yoga class is a great place to meet like minded people. Most yoga studios have an amazing sense of community where you can make life long friends. Sometimes you see these friends once a week in class but many times yoga friends become much closer and supportive than that.

If you would like to join a yoga class Durga Yoga Studio, in Maynooth, offer classes for everyone from beginners right up to advanced students. They will welcome you into their yoga community and encourage you to learn and grow on your yoga journey.

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