For the joy of headstand

From Foundations to Freedom: Unlocking Your Headstand

with Paula Mitten 

Aug 13th | Cost €19.99 | Time 10am-12pm | Live Online

"I can only say that starting the Yoga practice with Paula at Durga online is one of the best decisions I have ever made!! ✨Paula is an amazing yoga teacher and incredible person , she makes easy to follow and I just can highly recommend to give a try"
Lorena LLoret
The Integrative Vet Horse Care
Unlocking the joy and freedom in your headstand practice comes with putting the correct steps in place.
Learn how to lay down the foundations and align your body with precision, to feel the transformation of this powerful inversion.
Cultivate strength, balance, and focus to defy gravity and soar to new heights!
The journey towards mastering a headstand is not just about physical practice; it's a beautiful exploration of your inner self.
Conquer doubts and fears and embrace the exhilaration and liberation that comes with this majestic pose!


 If you are ready to reach new heights and master your headstand then this is the workshop for you. 

Join Paula for this Online Workshop and watch your headstand transform. 

  • Elevate Your Practice

    Unleash the power of the headstand

  • Find Your Balance

    Unlock the secrete to stability

  • Dive into Headstand Excellence

    Discover how to take your headstand from average to excellent